We love and support Australian brands, and Zoologie is one of them. Their dedication to fine quality and craftsmanship is clearly evident throughout their range of future classic garments. Working out of Melbourne and using only local manufacturer’s ensures Zoologie’s clothes are unique in nature and extremely finely crafted.

Their business philosophy is simple:

“We realise that making clothes locally is almost an old mindset in a globalized world, but there is something great in making clothes in the same area as you live, in knowing the people making them and in keeping both our production people and our customers as an integral part of our personal community. That way, when we grow and develop our business, our local manufacturers grow and develop with us”

Their design philosophy is equally as simple and is based on functionality and quality, in creating classic clothes with a modern crafted feel and meticulous attention to detail. Their garments are timeless in nature and look, and although only established in 2009 they have managed to exude a sense of quality that long standing brands are still yet to achieve. The AW12 collection is a delightful mix of intersting patterns, patchworks and detailing. Camo-print pieces are becoming somewhat of a staple in the modern mans wardrobe – without going overboard Zoologie has managed to tastefully throw in some military references contrasted on some sharp fabric choices.

It’s definately a winter(y) feeling range and as the cold starts to bite you could definitely turn to Zoologie to add some pepper & spice to your winter repertoire.


Available at: Above The Clouds and Capsule

All images from Zoologie


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