Zanerobe. The Evolution.

Before TVG got on board with Zanerobe I held a certain image associated with the brand, one that revolved around large letters, big numbers, sporting team style logos and pastel colours. A lot of people are probably reading this and thinking the exact same thing, and that’s because if you were finishing school circa 03-04 Zanerobe is the brand you wore out on the weekends. The image I’ve just described was probably your favourite shirt in year 12, maybe even your lucky shirt that you paired with your lucky boxer shorts and your four pack of Woodstock cans.

Zanerobe is a brand that has grown up with our generation in more ways than one.

Like each of us individually, Zanerobe’s style and influences have changed dramatically since it began – it has evolved and matured like its target market and become a refined and sophisticated man. Zanerobe is to be admired. Unlike so many brands from our past (surfer/street syle) Zanerobe followed its consumers’ taste in trends and adapted instead of dying and the result is confident brand with a decade of experience and full knowledge of its customer.

Today, Zanerobe is truly a lifestyle brand, involved in special events, music and of course, fashion. It’s this lifestyle factor that re-introduced me to Zanerobe earlier this year after a lengthy hiatus with the brand. It’s pretty simple, get a bunch of good blokes, cover them head to toe in product, send them to events and your brand is going to get noticed. Now I’m not sure if this was the exact goal but it’s worked brilliantly and the ‘Zanerobe Boys’ suddenly seem to be a part of everything that’s going on in Sydney at the moment and I must have seen every item of clothing they have on offer and lusted after it all.

 When I stepped into the office at Zanerobe a month or so ago I was met with a serious amount of enthusiasm and was told TVG was exactly where they wanted to position their product and reposition their image. Until that point though, I had not fully understood just how much Zanerobe had evolved, pushing classic designs and beautiful fabrics that would please any man conscious of looking his best.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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