Your Wallet And What It Says About You

Also, I think it says a lot when you meet somebody who doesn’t have a wallet.


The Beef Burger

Loyalty cards with one hole punched through them, receipts from a shopping spree at K-Mart, an old license …from three years ago. I mean really, when was the last time they actually looked through their wallet and cleaned it out?

That bulge in the jacket (putting a wallet in the back of your pants ruins the pocket) says a lot when I see it walking towards me. When I see somebody pull it out, leaking with shreds of paper, it just screams disorganised mess. Be careful, if they don’t kill you with their NOKIA over the head, they’ll beat you to death with their brick of a wallet.

Fat Wallet

The Monogram Logo Spam Attack

These guys listen to too much Weezy and think monogram print ‘goes with anything’. Gucci, Louis and Chanel are all beloved by these guys and they won’t care how small, large or ugly the wallet is. If you’re a sales assistant working off commission, these guys will provide you with a stable source of extra income – cherish them.

As for the rest of us, these douchebags should be avoided. They’ll pull out their wallet and flash it around like they’re a baller, but instead of a roll of hunneds it will be a few fivers and a debit savings card.

Monogram logo wallet

The Novelty Guy


There’s always one. There is always one.

These guys will pull out abominations like these and will find it ‘awesome’.


Yours sincerely,

Ardi Astarto

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