Wrist game: It’s time to make an investment.

There’s no doubt that horology has been a seriously well-received category since the inception of The Versatile Gent. Since I began my love affair with watches checking out a fellow gentleman’s ‘wrist game’ has become second nature. It’s the first thing I do, every single time. The saying goes you can judge a man buy the shoes he wears; that saying is even more pertinent when applied to a man’s watch.

Today’s article isn’t about judging your fellow man, it’s about owning the watch for which you will be judged on. Owning a ‘proper’ watch is unlike owning any other material possession. There’s something unrivaled about wearing a watch you are proud of, looking at it everyday, admiring its beauty, feeling it alive on your wrist and modestly accepting comments from people who wished it was on their wrist.

At a recent family lunch I sat around a table while my uncles and grandfather chuckled about why anyone would purchase such an expensive watch (which humored me because my entry level IWC is far from expensive in my eyes). Why? They kept asking. Why did I save my hard earned money to buy an IWC? Because wearing it makes me feel awesome. But how can you explain that feeling to someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to wear a watch like mine? The answer is, you can’t. You just sit there and smile – they’ll never understand.

Gents the time is now for you to make a serious investment in your wrist game. It might take you a year to save the money; it might be a swift decision with your tax return. Either way there’s nothing more satisfying than rewarding yourself with a fine timepiece. Set a goal. Make it happen. You’ve earn’t it.

I promise you’ll never regret it.


Our first day together.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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