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Imagine being able to book a ‘First Class’ holiday at the drop of a hat, with no savings whatsoever. Choose a date, pack a bag and leave the house. Sip champagne in an airport lounge, sleep in a first class bed and stay at one of the nicest hotels in the world. Go next week, next month, next year. Go alone or take a friend, partner, kids, parents, housemate, work colleague or your Tinderella – it’s not a concern when you’ve got one million Rewards Points at your disposal.

Take it from me folks, a man who once wielded such a considerable bounty of points – one million points is the real deal, the Golden Ticket if you will (literally), and American Express are giving their Card Members the chance to win that very amount.

The points aficionados among you will understand the significance of such a haul in the form of American Express Rewards Points. Those less in the know, only need to know one thing – the American Express rewards program is the number one choice for points connoisseurs worldwide, with the most airline and hotel points transfer partners of all the major credit card points programs.

American Express Points Millionaire

Mystique Santorini Hotel booked with SPG Points (Photo: ÊManuel Zublena)

What makes being an American Express Card Member so attractive is the flexibility and the distance you can go when you choose to use your points, when compared to other credit card rewards programs. You can earn your points now and move them to your desired airline or hotel partner when required, depending on your travel plans. You’re not locked into spending your points with one particular carrier (unless you’ve chosen to with your card choice) giving you the freedom to travel on a whim, from where ever you are in the world.

When you combine the flexibility of the program with an intelligent approach to security, purchase protection, members-only benefits and a rapid card replacement process, it makes American Express membership very attractive. And with a growing number of accepting retailers, using your American Express has more perks than Visa and Mastercard beyond just travel benefits.

But I digress, one million points is a hefty sum, one which could have you and your special someone sitting side by side in Singapore Airline’s first class suites like I did earlier this year. So if that sounds like something you might be interested in doing, along with days spent dangling your legs in the ocean from your overwater villa in Bora Bora then follow the link below to enter:

Be a Points Millionaire

To be eligible to win you must be the Primary Card Member of an American Express Card issued by American Express Australia limited over 18 years of age. The competition will run from 15 August to 11 September – and if you share on social media you’ll get bonus entry points. Terms and conditions and card exclusions apply.

Stay tuned for our next American Express Rewards piece highlighting TVG’s top ways to spend one million points, guaranteed to have you drooling at your desk.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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