Wiel Arets Architects: The Jelly Fish House

After the huge interest we received around this impressive Beverly Hills home I thought I’d continue the architectural theme with this engineering anomaly recently completed by Wiel Arets architects. Located in the Spanish Mediterranean coast of Marbella, the all-white concrete Jelly Fish house is defined by a swimming pool rooftop that cantilevers toward the amazing Sierra Blanca mountainscape. The house took an astonishing 15 years to complete and despite being designed in 1998 it holds a very modern and timeless aesthetic.

The pool is the centre piece of the house defined by an infinity edge that seamlessly merges with the nearby ocean as well as a transparent floor that filters light through to the interior of the house. The interior of the Jelly Fish residence continues to impress with more luxurious features, like the kitchen service elevator that can serve food and drinks up to the rooftop pool. Sections of the pool are revealed throughout the kitchen and living spaces connecting the fluid centre piece of the design with all facets of the house. Not only an amazing house but an engineering masterpiece.

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