Were Those Tattoos Really A Good Idea?

Back in the 50’s and 60’s it was cool to have tatts; it meant you’d spent some time aboard a naval vessel, or in a prison cell. Badass! Now, every Krystal and Kayden has some sorry image forever embroidered upon their flesh. I’m not saying that tattoos are the devil or that you should never dabble, but, for the love of your mother, think before you ink!

Southern Cross/National Pride

Add a boxing kangaroo for extra charm.

Australia is a gifted nation. A Garden of Eden tucked away in the Great South. A bastion of freedom and liberty. I am proud to call this island home and so should you! I don’t need a tattoo to do that speaking for me – especially considering that our New Zealand neighbours also believe the Southern Cross to be ‘theirs’. Also, remember that the Southern Cross is a constellation: a collection of faraway suns that have no effect upon our astral orbit. How can it be a national icon? Above all, this bad boy is just a no-no. It’s like wearing New Balance sneakers with your suit – no matter how much you dress around it, they’re still glaringly obvious.

Family Tributes

You love your mum? No way, me too!

I once knew a girl who had a massive family tree of living family members sprawled across her back. I knew for a fact she fought with the majority of those people on a daily basis and often reported back to me that she ‘hated them’. Family is important. But do you really need to permanently inscribe names, birth-dates, or even faces on your skin? Shouldn’t you be able to remember that stuff, anyway?

Travel Tattoos

Arrows, compass, globe – the unholy trifecta of travel tatts.

Arrows. Compasses. Globes. This tends to be more of an affliction for the ladies. I believe that the requirement for one of these tattoos is a two-week Contiki tour of the Greek Islands. Maybe not all memorable experiences need to be permanently etched upon the flesh to portray your ‘wanderlust’.

I want to end this article by saying that I don’t hate all tattoos, and if you have already received one of the above examples then I’m all for it. My point is purely that today’s tattoos are not what they once were and now it is rarer for individual’s skin to be ink-free. And, unless you’re Tom Hardy, you may not be able to rock a tattoo-covered body. Think before you ink.


Jay is a writer and content producer for The Versatile Gent.

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