WallyPower 118

The last 10 years seems like a blur. People still feel like the millennium was the year before last. Despite the progression of every industry in the world, one thing remains certain, the WallyPower 118 Super Yacht has to be the most breath taking and awe inspiring creation since Y2K.

Originally launched in 2002; it’s almost impossible to conceive that the design is a decade old. The Wally 118 is truly a thing of beauty, albeit intimidating beauty. The most fascinating thing about the boat is that it is truly unique in its radically modern design. Some aspects of the boat almost have you questioning the correctness of the design, ‘Surely not?’. There’s a strange sense of childish bewilderment when you look at the boat, wondering whether you’ve imagined it or seen it in a former James Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan and an array of unbelievable gadgets.

I can’t imagine what it looks like in the flesh, let alone standing on it’s deck. The boats visual supremacy led it to win the coveted Millennium Design Award in 2004, rewarding the founder and designer, Luca Bassani. The 118 is powered by three gas turbines generating 16,800 HP – two steerable outboard and a non-steering on centreline.

At speed the boat remains comfortable and stable as a result of the deep V shaped hull that effortlessly pierces the water combined with the perfect isolation of the machinery, noise and vibration. The eerie chameleon-like paint finish is a metallic dark green and changes reflections and colour depending on the light and landscape. At anchor, the sections of the bulwarks alongside the superstructure drop-down hydraulically to increase the light and the view from the salon and serve as diving platforms when open.

Suffice to say the boat is a showstopper, captivating enough to humble even the largest yachts moored at the Cap de Antibes. At 118 feet it’s certainly not a tender, although it excites me that this boat impresses me more than a vessel 3 times its size. At roughly $16.5 million it’s certainly one of the more sensible options in the Super yacht market and in this case I think it goes without saying, bigger isn’t always better.

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