A month ago we discussed the Wally//Power 118, a true masterpiece in yachting design and elegance. Today TVG brings you the Wally Esense Mega Yacht – and it’s incredible. I am a loyal fan to the sailing boat, I will take the wind in the sails over a noisy motor any day of the week, and this boat right here is the pinnacle of luxury sailing. At just over 43m it can accomodate 8 guests and 6 staff, a rather modest crew compared to some super yachts.

The simplicity of this design is overwhelmingly attractive. It’s stripped back yet effortlessly elegant, functional and undeniably attractive. It boasts an extremely clean minimalist cockpit and 900 m2 of sail area, complimented with a dark hull and light wooden deck, it follows along the same lines that characterise much of the Wally boats. The boat is impressive not only because of it´s size (one of the largest single hull mono-sails in the world) but also it’s incredibly sophisticated and luxurious detailing.

Great design is often measured through a products ability to stay current and desirable throughout time – Wally seems to achieve this time and time again. Designed and first constructed in 2008, the Wally Esense is slightly younger than its brother the Wally Power 118, however the design principles remain the same ensuring this yachts appeal will transcend time.

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