Channel Your Inner Bond With Vuarnet’s Glacier XL Sunglasses

Daniel Craig’s rendition of Bond has seen him traverse many continents and geographies. But regarding style, it’s hard to look past the slick black look he sports in the snow during Spectre.

What undeniably makes this look are those commanding sunglasses. Both in fiction and in real-life, Vuarnet’s Glacier XL has been worn by explorers and adventurers for decades. If you want to add some edge to that family trip to Whistler or Hakuba in the coming months, the Glacier XL’s are the best way to do so. You can leave the pistol at customs.

Vuarnet take French fashion to a practical level with the Glacier XL’s. They use the highest quality mineral glass, far superior to your run-of-the-mill polycarbonate. This mineral glass is the same material that can be found in cameras, microscopes, and telescopes. If science wants it, it must be good.

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The top-notch clarity is just the beginning. The Glacier XL is forged in durability, with the lenses being scratch and shock resistant. Polarised optics handle the harsh glare of snow, sand or stream with ease, and a built-in leather strap ensures that comfortable fit. This is all encased in the highest quality plastics and metals to give a near-unbreakable accessory.

The Glacier XL sunglasses are on sale now at Huckberry for about $670AUD. Whether you’re tumbling your way down green runs or chasing bad guys on the back of snowmobiles, Vuarnet’s most beautiful has you covered.


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