Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide Part 1 – Oyster Precision Ref.6424

The Versatile Gent highlights a number of key models in their Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide – 6 Watches over 6 weeks all under $10,000.

Part 1 – Oyster Precision Ref.6424

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For our first instalment of TVG’s Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide we thought we’d look at a classic entry level Rolex from the 1960’s, the Oyster Precision Ref.6424.

The Oyster name was born in 1926 when Rolex invented the first real waterproof watch case in the world. The Oyster watch combined an extremely sturdy case, with a case back and ‘Twinlock’ winding crown, all absolutely waterproof. The Oyster Precision was made throughout the 1950s and 1960s however the pick of the bunch is the Ref.6424 20mm lug version.


During the early to mid 60’s the Ref.6424 was made in slightly wider 36mm (the original was 34mm) case making it far more suitable for the modern man’s wrist. The watch is powered by a Calibre 1210, hand wound movement and features luminescent tritium indexes. A lot of examples found on the net will come with a leather strap – my suggestion is to wait for an example on its original Rolex Oyster bracelet like this one below that sold at auction at Christie’s for $1539.


Images sourced from the Rolex Forums, the same place you are likely to source an excellent example of this watch. Happy hunting gents.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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