Vintage Ferrari Investment Would Have Returned More Than U.S. Stock

The price of a vintage Italian roadster has tripled, and that’s just in the last decade!

Mind-blowing isn’t it. Every time we see another ‘record sale’ of a 250 GTO we’re constantly asking ourselves, “When will it stop?” I doubt it will, and this bombshell from Bloomberg this week confirms that you would have been much better off with a vintage Ferrari investment over U.S. stock. So pretty much anything else.

Hagerty: graphic by Bloomberg Businessweek

Vintage Ferrari Investment Today

While staying relatively on-par with the S&P 500 Index for the turn of the century, 2013 saw collector Ferrari’s run away from U.S. stocks to nearly triple in value this past decade. Seems like Ferrari vintage investment could be the way to go.

Sydney-based investment strategist at AMP Capital Investors Shane Oliver told Bloomberg that “The fact that people are paying record amounts for Ferraris and paintings and share markets are at record highs causes me to be a little bit more cautious.”

Just this week another 250 GTO, a cherry red example on this occasion, was sold for $48 million USD by RM Sotheby’s at Monterey Car Week. Read more over on Boss Hunting.

For even more Ferrari insanity, check out the $106 Million GTO from earlier in the year that became the most expensive car ever sold.

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