Villa F by Hornung and Jacobi Architects

Villa F by Hornung and Jacobi Architects is an epic holiday residence embedded into a retaining stone wall along a curving ocean road that wraps the coast of Rhodes, Greece. The contemporary home is elevated over the existing rock wall with a faceted rectangular prism that houses the Master Bedroom looking out to the ocean.

The combined garage and main entrance is the only aspect that interrupts the continuous rock barrier with a sweeping staircase that takes guests up to the living and dining level which is bordered by a stunning infinity pool and large open yard. The plans also include a private guest house embedded into the landscape as a separate structure from the primary house, connected by a landscaped walkway.

Suffice to say, summer in Europe would never be the same after experiencing in this home (with a Gallardo in the driveway!).

villaf_02Villa-F-03-The-Versatile-Gent Villa-F-05-The-Versatile-GentVilla-F-04-The-Versatile-GentVilla-F-06-The-Versatile-GentVilla-F-07-The-Versatile-GentVilla-F-08-The-Versatile-Gent

Renderings via HORNUNG & JACOBI Architecture. 


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