Victorinox Architecture Urban Corbusier Backpack

People underestimate the need to have a quality backpack in their repertoire of luggage, often settling for a hand-me-down from the folks, or an off the side of the road job from a recent trip to south-east-Asia. Don’t get me wrong, the hand-me-down and the cheap pick-up have a place in the set, but if you’re looking to step up your travel game then you’ll be blown away by how awesome a good backpack can be.

Introducing the Architecture Urban Corbusier Backpack by Victorinox. We’ve gone on and on about the quality of the Victorinox luggage for a while, and this backpack is no different. Firstly, it looks great with black leather detailing around a grey nylon body. The back pocket holds a 14-inch laptop, with additional compartments for chargers, notepads, and books – also large enough for a spare change of clothes, your headphones, and a camera. The front section is separated into three parts for a tablet, passport/documents and then a front zipper section for personal items. Beyond the two main compartments, there are great side pocket and front pockets accessible through the folding flaps and leather belt clasps.

The key to great travel luggage is accessibility and convenience. How quickly can you pack and repack the laptop at security? How easily can you get your passport? How tangled, or not tangled, are your headphones? The Corbusier solves these problems with great design and superb functionality.

This backpack has now travelled with me for three weeks in Europe (specifically a week in the Scottish Highlands), a week in King Island on a surf adventure, as well as the daily urban commute to and from work. It’s sturdy, durable and looks great. Like I said, having a great backpack in your bag range is essential, and the Architecture Urban Corbusier is a great place to start. Beyond a travel accessory, this bag is perfect for the urban wanderer. Check it online, or at your nearest Victorinox retailer.

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