Vhils in The Rocks

If you spent any time last week wandering through The Rocks and noticed the large faces almost peeling off the walls and staircases throughout the streets, then you had the pleasure of being amongst the latest offerings from Vhils.

Vhils is the alter ego of Mr Alexandre Farto, a Portuguese born street artist, whom studied at The University of the Arts London. He uses the urban environment as both a source of inspiration and a canvas whist creating his work from chisels, hammers, acid, bleach and even explosives.

As part of Art Month Sydney 2013 in association with The Rocks Pop Up project, Vhils presented his latest series of large scale portraits around the rocks district and at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The “Dissolve” exhibition, focused on the deterioration of human individuality due to globalisation and excessive human development.

Ironically mirroring the faces portrayed by Shepard Faireys posters, Vhils shows literal and metaphoric scars on the faces of everyday civilians. The artworks look like bill posters that have existed for years and bits have been picked at and torn off slowly. This unfinished, shabby aesthetic drives home Vhils’ ideas on consumerism and our superficial society.

Vhils has strong beliefs behind his work and even if you do not indulge in such deep, political artistic concepts his the incredible craftsmanship and the sheer scale of his work is certainly worth your appreciation.

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