Using Your Wardrobe to Nail Your Job Interview

Nailing a Job Interview

So you’re going for a job which is a little bit out of your league or you’ve just finished your university degree and you’ve signed up to a myriad of graduate programs which all guarantee you a job in “one of the top firms in the world” for whatever industry your parents forced you into. Engineering, Accounting, Finance, Law? It’s one of them isn’t it?

Nobody likes to hear you spit out the rehearsed lines you memorised last night, which sound exactly like the guy before you. You might not be special, and you might not leave any kind of impression on the people interviewing you but that’s okay. You could be so boring that Hans Moleman would be sick of you, but there is still a way of leaving a lasting impression with your outfit during your interview.

Here’s how:

Shine your shoes – Black or brown, K-Mart or Harrold’s. It doesn’t matter – shine your damn shoes with some quality shoe product, forget Scuff, your a man now. It takes five minutes and increases your chances by a lot more than 5%.

Shoe Shine

Navy/burgundy knitted tie – People will tell you to default with a classic width, plain navy, twill tie. I’m telling you to step it up a notch. Put it over a white shirt; if your answers bore your potential employer, the tie definitely won’t. Take your game and your chances of getting hired to the next level and for God’s sake do not wear a skinny tie.


NOT a full-windsor knot – It’s boring, reaaallly boring. We get it, you had to wear a tie to school and you hated it. A double four-in-hand, a half-windsor or even a small knot is more interesting than the “my-dad-taught-me-this” tie knot.

Four in hand tie knot

Peak lapels – Because notch lapels are for peasants. No, but really, give yourself a bit of distinction and perk those lapels up! Same deal with the ties – avoid skinny lapels as if they were crazy ex-girlfriends.

Blue Peak LApels

Cufflinks which aren’t boring – You know those plain sqauare/round cufflinks your friend bought you for your 21st? Yeah, don’t wear them. Don’t be a boring person, and even if you are – don’t let the person interviewing you think you are.

Rose Gold Cufflinks


The attention is ALWAYS in the detail. Make your outfit count or the next guy will.

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