This Ural Sidecar by Peter Adams Is Absolutely Epic

Queensland engineer Peter Adams needed to get around with a surfboard and his dog Argo, so he modified this Ural sidecar just to his needs.

Often the Ural sidecar is questioned in terms of reliability, but who cares, this gem was too good not to show. Increasing the sidecar track, adding a set of stainless steel surfboard rack mounts and stabilising the rig so his pooch gets a smooth ride. Other mods include LED lights, bar end mirrors and a mount for a GPS on a discreet, dedicated arm between the bike and sidecar.

Adams has created something both practical and visually pleasing.

Ural-SideCar-by-Aircraft-Designer-Peter-Adams-2 Ural-SideCar-by-Aircraft-Designer-Peter-Adams-3 Ural-SideCar-by-Aircraft-Designer-Peter-Adams-4 Ural-SideCar-by-Aircraft-Designer-Peter-Adams-5Ural-SideCar-by-Aircraft-Designer-Peter-Adams-1

He also has a Triumph Thruxton and Dunstall Norton Commando in his collection.

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