Auto Fabrica Type 7c Yamaha SR400 Is Sublime

Brothers Gaz and Bujar of Auto Fabrica are stamping their mark on an already competitive custom motorcycle scene. The North East London based workshop has created a number of builds that are nothing short of eye-catching, each being a testament to the quality of their work.

Auto Fabrica Type 7c

Stemmed from the Yamaha SR400, the Auto Fabrica Type 7c is the fourth build in the series. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the Type 7c goes back to the basics and this starts by stripping down the SR400.  The frame is smoothed out and customised, removing any unnecessary parts.  A new loop end has been welded into place and the rails altered to create a flowing arc that meets the tank in a seamless fashion.  Rolling the edges of the tank take away hard lines and allow for a cleaner look. The stock chrome fenders have been replaced with hand made aluminium fenders at each end of the motorcycle.

Auto Fabrica Type 7c SR400

Auto Fabrica continues the customisation with the Mikuni VM34, adding new gaskets, another air and fuel mix and upgrading the cylinder head.  A custom exhaust adds a great sound, as well as another visual aspect.  The simple white gloss paint job and vicious Maxxis off-road tyres really solidify the theme the two brothers are going for.

Weighing just under 150kg this thing can fly! Light, powerful and full of character, this is the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics.

Auto Fabrica Type 7c SR400 Auto Fabrica Type 7c SR400 Auto Fabrica Type 7c SR400 Auto Fabrica Type 7c SR400 Auto Fabrica Type 7c SR400 Auto Fabrica Type 7c SR400

Head to the Auto Fabrica website for more bikes.

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