TVG’s Top 10 Wallets and Card Holders

There are so many different wallets, and the general perception is that they are all the same…but they’re not.  Do I want a bi-fold wallet that can hold all seventeen of my cards? Or do I want a slim wallet that doesn’t make me look like I’m carrying around a sandwich in my pocket when I’m going on a date?   Don’t sell yourself short – find a wallet that suits your needs, with the right balance of design and practicality.  A great wallet starts with quality materials and perfect craftsmanship.  Here are some of The Versatile Gent’s favourite wallets and card holders at the moment.

Bond and Knight’s MK2 wallet (~$120)
You may recall the limited edition TVG Wallet we produced with Bond and Knight. The MK2 is their new offering, again made from the finest Italian leather. It’s a tad smaller than its bigger brother but as simple and stylish.

bond and knight mk 2 2

bond and knight mk 2 1

Bellroy’s Hide and Seek wallet ($89.95)
Tanned cow leather wallet featuring a secret compartment to hide any important notes and information or receipts from your blowout the night before.

bellroy hide and seek 1

bellroy hide and seek 2

Vianel’s V10 card holder (~$399)
A beautiful two colour card holder, made from Italian leather that exemplifies design and style.

Vianel V10 1

Vianel V10 2

Parabellum’s Bi-Fold wallet (~$445)
A hand crafted wallet made from new comer Parabellum in Bison leather with an embossed exterior. Not cheap but seriously good looking!

Parabellum bi fold 1Parabellum bi fold 2

Alfred Dunhill’s Belgrave Textured Card Holder (~$195)
A textured leather from one of Britain’s greatest names. Two colour card holder that features a stainless steel emblem and gusseted pocket.

alfred dunhill belgrave card holder 1

alfred dunhill belgrave card holder 2

Braun Bϋffel’s Calf Slim wallet ($155)
Made in Germany from soft, French calf leather, this wallet is slim but has six card slots, room for full length notes and two flat pockets. It also features a secret compartment to satisfy the little bit of Bond in all of us.

braun buffel slim wallet 1

braun buffel slim wallet 2

Noise Goods’ card holder (~$37)
We’ve recommended Noise Goods before, and with good reason.  Made in Portugal, their leather card holder is stylish, available in a variety of colours and very well priced.

noise goods card holder 2

noise goods card holder 1

Chester Mox’s #95 Bi-Fold ID wallet (~$313)
Chester Mox have various interesting colours and designs and are handmade in the USA. Our favourite is this Italian Pewblue calf leather bi-fold wallet, which is both stylish and practical for a man’s every day travels.

chester mox pewblue bi fold wallet 1

chester mox pewblue bi fold wallet 2

Hollows Leather Southbound card case (~$80)
Another hand crafted product from Nicholas Hollows in the USA. The best feature of this case is that in addition to the two card slots on the inside, there is a third on the outside to put your go-to card in. A welcome addition to any gentleman’s ensemble.

hollows leather southbound card case 1

hollows leather southbound card case 2

Hughes Handcrafted wallets and card holders
Completely bespoke, custom ordered wallets and card cases made from exotic leathers based in Singapore. Have a look at their tumblr page for contact information as well as an interview we did with them a couple of years ago. *They also make fantastic watch straps!

hughes handcrafted alligator wallet 1

hughes handcrafted alligator wallet 2

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