TVG’s Favourite Tumblr Blogs – July

Tumblr is a constant stream of inspiration, information and influence. Whether you’re scrolling for the latest in menswear, browsing design blogs or day dreaming over beautiful women, someone, somewhere has a Tumblr blog just for you. Tumblr, for those not familiar with the platform, is an image sharing social network that allows users to repost and ‘like’ images and content from other Tumblr’s that they follow. This allows users to create a unique set of content pieces which can reflect their interests, personality or style.

We are constantly adding to our list of go-to blogs for inspiration and information, but some remain at the top of our list and have been there for a while. Below are our favourite Tumblr’s for July. – Alan See is a menswear specialist from Hong Kong – his content is heavily based around the premium menswear store The Armoury, which he part owns. (If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong, The Armoury is an absolute must.) – This blog is a beautiful collection of pictures, music, and videos that inspire wanderlust and adventure. – A site meant to inspire penurious sartorialists everywhere – This Tumblr is a wealth of information for guys looking to look their best and not break the bank, it offers excellent advice on all aspects of menswear. – Great palette of images, both original and re-blogged. Anchor Division has a great sense of style and offers some handy insights into new brands as well as some great original content pieces. – Find a great menswear picture and match it with an image of food in the same colour palette – that’s the idea behind this fantastic Tumblr and it’s one of our absolute favorites. – A great site-theme with inspiration and aspiration content with spans both lifestyle content and on-point menswear.



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