TVG Racing guide: Pocket Squares

With the Autumn racing carnival around the corner we thought we’d throw together a few articles in the coming weeks to help you gentleman look and feel your best throughout the thoroughbred season. 

The pocket square was originally, as you might assume, used as a handkerchief and stored in the top pocket only when unused, or clean. Once used, the pocket square would be placed in the trouser pocket. As the look of the pocket square became more popular during the 1920s specific folding techinques were developed and the ‘pochette’ become more of a fashion accessory than anything else. Soon men were carrying 2 pockets, one for the look and one for the function. Now most men carry just the one pocket square, and it’s all about fashion over function.

Today pockets squares are one of a few ways men can stand out in a crowd of simliar coloured suits and jackets. The pocket adds pop and jazz to an outfit, it can emulate your mood and also portray a confident understanding of style and fashion. Below are some of our picks for the coming racing season.

Alexander McQueen – Skull-Patterned Cotton Blend Pocket Square)

Alfred Dunhill – Linen Pocket Square

Drake’s – Bicycle-Print Cotton Pocket Square

Drake’s – Navajo-Inspired Pocket Square

Drake’s Paisley-Print Silk Pocket Square

Paul Smith – Printed Silk Pocket Square

Richard James – Floral-Print Silk Pocket Square

Richard James – Swan Pocket Square

Patrick Johnson – Cactus Pocket Square

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