There was not a chance in the world I wasn’t going to write some about Skyfall.

Everyone loves Bond, what is there not to love. He is the essence of man, a style icon, a seducer, a marksman, a wheelman and a patriot. Men want to be him, women want to be with him.

Daniel Craig has really stepped the Bond character up in my eyes, there’s a lot more grit and raw emotion, which I feel faltered in Quantam of Solace. Casino Royale introduced Craig with a bang and Skyfall picks up where it left off. Sam Mendes and Craig both do a excellent job of playing down the eloquence of Bond, both in speech and attire. Of course he is always impeccably suited and wears a tie for the entire film, held in place by a soon to be famous Tom Ford tab collar shirt, but his style in Skyfall seems more effortless than previous movies. At no point of the movie does it feel try hard, it’s the perfect example of understated class.

It’s hard to describe the movie itself, probably because I’m finding it hard to pick which adjective best encapsulates my love for it. The direction Bond has taken in the last three films is a far cry from the invisible cars and ridiculous kite surfing scenes circa 2002. To be honest I think the producers behind the Die Another Day will be cringing till the day they die when they see what Bond has now become. I think the world was ready for a new direction and what this movie certainly does for Bond fans is leave all the old crap behind.

Skyfall has a very original plot, some believe it to be a slight cop out, however I reveled in the fact it wasn’t another bad guy trying to take over the world situation. Bond’s relationship with M see’s a lot more screen time and it gives their past a lot more credibility, it’s clear that a much stronger human attachment exists beyond their roles at MI6. Action wise, it’s Mendes’s first real dig at the genre and he delivers with fireworks. People have compared the action to that of a Bourne movie and I wouldn’t argue against that, but at the same time I think the entire genre has evolved into that style, whether you’re watching Bourne, Bond or Taken, they all share similar action sequences.

The typical Bond flair, whilst subdued, is still apparent with quips at the character’s past, classic one liners, purposeful wardrobe touches, semi-believable scenarios and of course, a selection of fine boats and cars. I loved it. At one moment in the cinema I shouted in excitement and clapped my hands together loud enough to piss everyone off – but it didn’t because everyone was enjoying it as much as me. What I’m trying to say is, Skyfall made me happy, I enjoyed it immensely. Maybe that’s because it’s been so long between Martinis or maybe it’s because it truly is a great movie. Either way I’m going to see it again this week.


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