TVG On Movies: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (1969)

When I watch trailers for new movies, I immediately think of who I can watch this movie with. Is it a date movie? Is it a group of people movie? Maybe I’ll take my mum. For me, my favorite movies are the ones that I immediately want to watch with my best mates.

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (BCSK) is the original buddy flick. It has fast paced action, which is impeccably timed with hilarious quips and jokes between two best mates. The jokes are ones that only best friends would understand. The sort of jokes that are shared when one of you is really down and out and your friend teases you even more, banter that shows there are only a couple of people in the world willing to go the distance for each other whilst never forgetting to laugh at the expense of one another.

Ultimately this film is a modern day western. About two train robbers, one of them is the brains and the other one the quick draw, trigger man. Even though they are outlaws, they are one the most likeable duos in cinematic history. It is something in our nature that wants us to root for the likeable bad guys (Point Break, Ned Kelly, Goodfellas, and Fight Club etc). Eventually they rob the wrong train and the film turns into two mates on the run for their lives.

To be honest, the film isn’t edited very well, and you can tell they spent too much money on location and other production values. The real winner of the film though is the casting of Robert Redford and original versatile gent, Paul Newman. These guys were the superstars of the 70’s. With their onscreen chemistry, you can tell they were best friends in real life. A pairing that was repeated on three other occasions. One of which (The Sting), won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Redford and Newman are first class actors and the real opinion leaders of their generation. They will go down with names like Sinatra and James Dean in terms of class and talent. With that said, every man should be familiar with their work. 

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