TVG Guide To Summer Sunday Style

Sponsored By Asahi.

Sydney is never shy of a pop up bar, but this Summer Asahi is bringing something a lot sharper than the word conjures with the opening of the Asahi Super Cold Extra Dry bar on Bligh Street. The concept behind the bar stems from a simple idea; create an environment that serves Asahi in its best possible form – poured fresh and served extra cold (around -2 degrees). The bar also stocks Asahi Super Dry Black Extra Cold, the fuller, maltier brother of the Super Dry. This is first time the beer has been available in Australia.

Given the proximity to the CBD there is no doubt this place will fill out Monday to Friday, offering a great lounge area, an outdoor terrace and a simple, yet clever food menu from the crew behind popular Bondi haunts Panama House, the Shop and Corner House. However, there’s a distinct connection between icy cold beer, and a Sunday afternoon – and we’re here to tell you that if you’re heading down to the Harbour anyway, the Asahi Super Cold Extra Dry Bar should be on the top of your Sunday watering hole list this summer.

Sunday is the work free day, the day of rest, the day where the suit stays in the wardrobe, the tie remains untied and the briefcase never leaves the ground. As such you’re presented with endless clothing options – and if you were making your way to the Asahi pop up bar, there are a few Sunday Session Styling tips that will help you look and feel your best.

1. Shorts are ok
Summer is the time to wear shorts, and by shorts I don’t mean your old board shorts or those ¾ cargo pants you bought in 1994. Get yourself a pair of fitted shorts that finish just above the knee. Colours are a great way to add a little flare to a Sunday outfit, I’m a big fan of orange, or a blue chambray.

2. Sunglasses are essential.
On the terrace of the Asahi Super Cold Extra Dry Bar the sun beams in for the best part of the day, perfect for drinking and a nightmare if you don’t have sunglasses. Sunglasses are very much a personal thing, however there a few look outs from a styling point of view. Avoid oversized frames, no white frames, they should proportionate to your face and also make they’ve got certified lenses because after all they are there to protect your eyes.

3. Leaves the thongs at home
This is a touchy one, because to be honest I live in thongs for most of the Summer, that said there’s a time and place for them and a Sunday afternoon session in the city means your best to leave them at home. Get yourself a fresh pair of white sneakers, or some Italian driving loafers, or mix it up with a pair of Roshe Runs.

4. Linen is your friend in Summer
You want to be as cool as the Asahi your drinking, and the best fabric to achieve that is linen. Every guy should have at least one linen shirt in his repertoire. The delicacy, softness and breathability of a soft linen shirt is unrivalled and once you find one that fits you well, you’ll be hard pressed to take it off.

5. Get a summer cologne.
A good friend and cologne expert once told me, ‘a Sunday sesh with the boys requires a different scent to your everyday work cologne because we don’t want to associate work with pleasure.’ Cologne should reflect your environment and your mood – as such a Sunday smell is essential. Fresh fragrances like Zegna Ermenegildo’s range or Tom Fords Grey vetiver would suit a summery afternoon. If you’re brushing shoulders with people on Sunday you need to look and smell like you’re on holidays.

Keeping these five tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble swooping straight into the Asahi Super Cold Extra Dry Bar this summer and looking the part.

The Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar will be located at 37 Bligh Street Sydney and will be open to the public on Friday 24th October through to Friday 23rd January 2015. Opening hours are from 4pm-10pm Monday – Wednesday and 12pm- 10pm Thursday – Saturday.

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