TVG Essentials – The Denim Shirt

I try and avoid using the word versatile for obvious reasons, but there’s literally no other word to describe the denim shirt. Whether it’s worn open with a pair of shorts or done up with your favourite knit tie – denim is a great fabric that will match 90% of your wardrobe while adding a great texture to your look. There are few things to look out for when purchasing a denim shirt, the most important of which is fabric quality, then fit, and collar type.

The quickest way to understand quality is unfortunately price (in most cases), however fit and collar should remain top of mind, whichever brand you choose. We’d recommend a cutaway or button down collar, and fit should always be slimming; corner-to-corner across the shoulders and make sure you get the sleeves the length right.

It’s important to understand climate and fabric when looking at denim shirts. As a warmer climate here in Australia, make sure you are buying something lightweight and breathable – shift away from heavy denims and go towards a chambray linen/cotton blend. Once you find your brand, your size and your fit I guarantee you this shirt will become an instant favourite.


I Am Oliver James in P.Johnson

Tom (TVG) in Suit Supply

tvg-the-versatile-gent-eton-shirtSartorial Living in Eton Denim Shirt


Bold and bright combination from the gents at Zaremba Bespoke

Header image: I Am Oliver James

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