TVG Essentials: 7 Best T-Shirt Brands

The t-shirt is an essential wardrobe item and we’re not fooling anyone thinking every day is a shirt-and-tie day. In fact, t-shirts still make up the majority of my wardrobe, serving as a collection of memories stuffed into a draw – for every one I wear there’s about three I don’t. In any case, there are brands and styles that I steer towards whenever I’m on the hunt for a fresh tee. Here’s my top 7.

1. AS Colour – Shadow Tee ($20.00)
AS Colour is a New Zealand based brand and is the go to for top quality blank tees at a ridiculously affordable price. The Shadow Tee runs a slightly lower neckline with a longer body than your standard cut, perfect for the taller gent. Available in 10 colour ways and if you bulk buy the price comes down considerably.

2. The Academy Brand – Basic Tee (2 for $40)
Local favourite of The Versatile Gent, The Academy Brand is focused on creating top quality, affordable, staple wardrobe items and their tees are a testament to this philosophy. Available in a round or v-neck I’ve got these scattered throughout my draws – at 2 for $40 you can grab a bunch of colours and be set for the next few months.

3. The Annex – No Pocket Tee ($79.00)
Based out of beautiful Bondi Beach, The Annex has fast become a hot spot for basic apparel with a strong designer edge. Their fabrics are super soft and run in a variety of washed out and flat colours. I personally love their stonewash collections, which come in different hues of greys, blacks and blues. For the more fashion adventurous they run side-tail tees and tail tees as well – worth a look if you’re in the store.

4. Commoners Alike – Crew Neck Tee ($69.00)
In a similar category as The Annex, Commoners tees are of the more styled/fashion category offering a looser type cut with an unfinished hem and longer body. I’ve been wearing there tees for a few years now, they age beautifully and hold their shape really well. The asymmetric shape at the base of the tee give it texture when it falls, perfect for wearing with jeans or layering up.

5. Bassike – Double Jersey Boxy T Shirt ($100)
We couldn’t compile this list without including the Australian brand that revolutionised the plain t-shirt – who hasn’t had one of the button pocket tees at some point in their lives? Their new collection draws on nautical themes and we can’t go past the Double Jersey Boxy T Shirt (shown above). Fabrics are the best in the business and they offer a huge range of styles and colours.

6. Emma Mullholland – Any of them ($100+)
The young Australian designer taking the world by storm. Emma Mullholland draws on 90s colour and style and brings it into the now. Her tees are distinct and unique, and if you can get your hands on one do it, they fly – think Givenchy without the price tag. Get them online, or at selected retailers. The image shown is from her recent runway show at Sydney Fashion Week.

7. A.P.C. – Logo T-Shirt ($120)
Internationally renowned, top-notch quality tees that you’ll want to sleep in they’re so comfortable. The logo tee is their staple, however they offer a range of shirts in different colours and styles depending on what your looking for. The fit on these is a little tighter than some above, perfect layering under jumpers and jackets, or with chinos and shorts. The crew necks means you can breath and the subtle mirrored APC logo on the bottom right shows your mates you know what’s up.

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