TVG: A View on Style

Style is how one sets themself apart from the group. When we think about style we often think of a particular individual rather than a style itself, highlighting the strength of individuality through styling. This person holds and presents his or herself in such a manner as to create interest and command attention, without speaking a word. Many throughout history have defined themselves through an innate connection with style.

When looking at style as a collective we talk about trends or ‘what’s stylish at the moment’. It’s painted over fashion magazines, it’s what we’re told is ‘in style’, it’s what that fashion forward group of clones wear when each new range is released. This is the collective style, it allows us to group individuals and label trends easily. This is not the style we aspire for.

The Versatile Gentleman is not only stylish, but has, and exudes, style. Personality, manner, attitude, intelligence, wit and, of course, a perfectly fitting suit are but a few of the many attributes of the stylish gentleman. In the same way that everyday people can recognise and appreciate fantastic design of any type, most can also distinguish between style, and lack there of. It’s almost intuitive in the way we draw distinction between those with style, and those without. Simplicity and ease are often used to describe a ‘stylish’ individual. The catch here is that although simplicity and ease are perhaps the most desired aspects of style, they are the most difficult to achieve.

One does not need to be rich to possess such qualities either. Style is creativity, and creativity is as free as the air we breath.  Oscar Wilde once said “Looking good and dressing well is a necessity. Having a purpose in life is not.” Gain yourself some style and the rest will fall into place. Nothing bad ever came from bestowing a touch more swagger.

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