24 Gifts in 24 Days: TRVR Gentleman’s Apron

The TRVR Gentleman’s Apron.

Sometimes you see a piece of kit that inspires you to hone your man skills, the same feeling I got when I saw the Deus + MAKR Tool Roll.

The TRVR Gentleman’s Apron is the sort of gift any man would be pleased to receive – the type of gift that will motivate you to fix the lock on the back fence or hang that framed painting that’s been sitting on the floor for six months. Even if you’re not a handyman who’s going to use it to its full potential, you’ll be able to put it on on Christmas Day, pop a beer in one of the many pockets and walk around the house feeling more masculine than ever before.

The TRVR Gentleman’s Apron is made out of sturdy waxed canvas with leather pockets and trimmings and an adjustable neck strap. It’ll set you back just $70 from their international store and shipping appears to be included. A small price to pay to harness your inner manhood.





James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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