True Detective

If you’re still suffering a Breaking Bad hangover or not sleeping in eager anticipation for the fourth season of Game of Thrones then give True Detective a shot. This dark, mind-teasing and beautifully crafted show will not go a miss in any gentlemen’s weekly viewing planner.

Set in Louisiana in America, True Detective follows a thrilling story of two Detectives investigating a cult ritualistic homicide and the subsequent effects the events have on a man’s character and sense of justice.

After the first feature length episode, which aired this week, True Detective has all the elements of an extraordinary 8-part series. It has a great cast, captivating story and an extraordinary execution of film production. The creativity and development in bringing True Detective together can be admired right from the opening credits.

The story follows Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) on their investigation into a dark and sadistic murder of a young woman. From the outset you feel engaged and captivated by the two polar opposite detectives. Matthew McConaughey has re-invited himself as more than a respectable actor. His depiction of a slightly deranged, intelligent and obsessed detective is to say nothing short of genius. Woody Harrelson already has the reputation to draw viewers to this series, but it is McConaughey that is the true surprise and masterpiece.


If any gentleman has seen Se7en or Top of the Lake, True Detective is in this category. Its morbid and twisted and will continue to surprise you throughout. The Director (Cary Fukunaga) captures the dangers and mysteries of the deep southern States of America. The innovative film techniques craft a fluid, thrilling intense crime story amplified by the acting of McConaughey .

It is hard to describe the qualities of True Detective without giving some surprises away. Furthermore, it is subsequently hard to entice people to watch True Detective, but be assured you’ll be hooked from the onset.

True Detective the latest HBO mini-series production had its pilot episode aired on Sunday night in America and can be viewed at 8.30pm on Tuesday nights on Showcase in Australia.

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