Travelling with the Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Luggage

Packing for a significant holiday or business trip can be a difficult time. One must consider seasons, weather, potential occasions, footwear, and of course leave enough space for a spot of shopping. As stressful as this might be for most, the worry can be dramatically reduced by having good luggage like the Victorinox Spectra series.

Now, I must confess, my luggage situation to date has been a result of hand-me-downs from parents or borrowing from friends and functionality, as such form or design has never really played a role. That was until my recent trip to Europe, which I was lucky enough to be accompanied by the brand new Victorinox Spectra 2.0 luggage.

Victorinox has been in the luggage game for decades, and their latest range is perhaps their most celebrated. If you haven’t travelled with a suit case sporting an 8-wheel setup, then you’re missing out, big time. Not only is it a fun way to get around airports, but it’s also the most efficient bag transportation set up ever invented. The Spectra’s wheels are silky smooth across all surfaces and make long walks to and from terminals, hotels or cabs an absolute breeze.

The hard black casing is all class while protecting that which is most important, your luggage. Break-resistant 100% Bayer polycarbonate and a scratch-resistant matte finish delivers superior strength and a stylish look. This was my first experience with a hard cased bag, and I found it extremely practical and much easier to manage than a traditional suitcase or duffel.

A TSA approved zip lock keeps your belongings safe, but allows US Screeners access if needed without damaging the bag. Perhaps my favourite part of the suitcase is the Swiss Tracker™ Bag Tracking Program, which will reunite you with your bag anywhere in the world should it ever be lost – for free.

Inside the bag is simple, but practical. Two main compartments and small zipper pouch are all you get, but it’s all you need. The bag seemed to absorb luggage as my trip went on without a problem – largely helped by the Y-shaped packing straps that compress your luggage evenly across, rather than at a central point.

In four weeks I took seven flights to 11 cities in 5 countries, and every step of the way the Victorinox Spectra luggage was a pleasure to travel with. From spotting it on the luggage carousel (because of its devilish good looks) to wheeling it around the streets of Barcelona, it served its function wonderfully. I will find it difficult to travel with anything else in the future.

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