Toyota FT-1 Concept: Set to Break all Stereotypes

This month’s Detroit Motor Show had a number of highlights but none that turned as many heads as the simply radical Toyota FT-1 Concept. The FT-1 (standing for ‘Future Toyota’) is the start of the company’s promise to stop making boring cars. To give Toyota a bit of credit, I think they began turning a new leaf with the release of the fantastic 86 in 2012 but I can see where they are coming from after years of trying to push the Aurion as a ‘sportscar’.



The FT-1 is set to become the modern day Supra, building on the same sports car pedigree and creating a foundation for the future of Toyota design. I think it looks fantastic and if it’s meant to be a level above the 86, as I assume it would, then you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be one of the best driving cars of its time!

How good are the mirrors!




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