7 Winter Essentials for Men

We’ve done all the work for you here gents – here are our 7 winter essentials for 2014, get amongst them. 

Leather Gloves – The extremities are always the most difficult to keep warm. The leather glove is a well-deserved member of the winter club, they’re stylish, comfortable and most importantly warm. When you’re not wearing them, place the gloves in your breast pocket for a touch of Pitti style sprezzatura. There are many places to purchase a pair of gloves, two of our favourites are below:


Mulberry – Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves ($300)


Rapha – Leather Town Gloves ($250)

Socks – Never underestimate the importance of quality socks. In the winter months you’ll need something a little thicker, perhaps a woolen blend. Not only do they add warmth, they can also add great detail, offering a splash of colour and texture between the trouser and the shoe. Park the no sock look until the mercury rises again, in the mean time here are some great brands:

Paul Smith – Wool Blend Socks ($40)

Bresciani – Fair Isle Wool-Blend Socks ($40)

Peacoat/Overcoat – The peacoat needs to be a timeless garment that you can wear year in year out, think of it as the navy blazer of the winter wardrobe. Key factors when buying a peacoat are material, construction and it. You want something that won’t go out of style, keeps you warm and can be mixed and matched easily.

Saint Laurent – Slim-Fit Peacoat ($2,200)


Scarf – I feel like the scarf is often overlooked for its practicality as an excellent source of warmth. Lucky for you the scarf is also a prominent style accessory, allowing you to show off your individuality through colour and texture. Drake’s have the best prints in the world, so I’d look nowhere else to start your scarf collection.

Drakes – Kelim Printed Silk Scarf ($530)

Drakes – Classic Spot Reversable Wool & Silk Scarf ($400)

Raincoat – Many people find rain depressing, these people obviously don’t own a good quality raincoat. Raincoats can be as stylish as they are practical and once you own one you’ll be secretly looking forward to those overcast days and light showers. Stutterheim has been a favourite of TVG for years, if price is a factor then Suitsupply has a fantastic alternative.

Stutterheim – Arholma Handcrafted Raincoat ($700)

Suitsupply – Blue Raincoat ($300)

Scotch Whisky – A cold night needs a warming drink, and the warmest drink is a delicious Scotch. Obviously there’s hundreds of wonderful whiskies, but lately we’ve been thoroughly impressed with Talisker’s suite of products with the Distillers Edition Amoroso Cask Single Malt specifically catching our attention. Beneath the beautifully labeled bottle are wintery aromas of cinnamon and vanilla that waft over a smokey finish, making this the perfect partner for a cold night.

Talisker Distillers Edition Amoroso Cask Single Malt – ($80)

Face Moisturiser – Getting out of the steaming hot shower and into the cold July air will drain the moisture from your face like nothing else. A good face moisturiser is essential for keeping yourself looking healthy through the short days of winter. We like Kiehls :

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream ($36)

Header Image: Rose & Born Winter 2013

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