Top Gadgets Worth Trying in 2014

Technology plays an important part in our lives, and for most of us keeping up to date with new tech is a priority. It doesn’t matter if it’s the latest iPhone or the world’s most advanced toilet, men have a soft spot for gadgets. Here’s a quick selection of the top gadgets worth trying in 2014.

Lark Pro


Lark Pro is a silent alarm clock that wakes you but not your partner. This vibrating alarm is a great example of innovation in wearable technology, it wakes you up on time for work and at the best time according to your sleep cycle. Not only is it great for couples who have different work schedules, it’s also a great tool for tracking sleep patterns for those who experience sleeping problems.

Google Glass


The future is within your vision. Google has received a far chunk of criticism for the appearance of their new wearable technology Google Glass but the criticism can’t outweigh the awesome functionality. Google Glass is the first example of ‘Smart’ eyewear which is basically a wearable computer that pairs with Apps via voice commands and displays that information to you on the inbuilt visual display. At the moment on a bicycle is about the only acceptable place to wear it but the future is certainly bright!

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR


Canon is always bringing us new advancements on their cameras, however the EOS 70D is one to share. This competitive package aimed at mid level SLR enthusiasts borrows many of the best bits from Canon’s existing SLRs, including the autofocus sensor from the 7D, the fully articulated touchscreen from the 700D, and built-in Wi-Fi from the 6D and adds a revolutionary new Dual Pixel sensor. The camera is fast and smooth when it comes to shooting videos and pictures and connects via WI-FI to a smartphone app for instant uploads to your phone.

Yurbuds Earphones


We’re men and we sweat buckets when we workout. The most annoying thing about that is your headphones giving you grief midst workout. Yurbuds Venture Talk Earphones are sweat-proof and designed to never fall out making them a popular training accessory for multi-sport athletes. The Venture series features medical grade silicone enhancers that come in a variety of sizes to ensure the optimal ergonomic fit and flat Kevlar cords with a protective coating for water and tangle-resistant durability.

Gopro Hero3 Camera


The GoPro has become a vital piece of kit for videographers worldwide. The new GoPro Hero3 features a host of improved technologies resulting in sharper videos, extra battery life, smaller size, and a new mode to allow wide-angle shots. You can create stunning photos in several different modes, feature films or on the go videos that can become a viral hit – the possibilities are endless. 

Yoder Smoker Charcoal Grill


The popularity of charcoal cooking has been steadily increasing over the past 10-years. To meet that demand Yoder Smokers has introduced 2 new models that cater to the folks who are cooking for a crowd. The grills boast 854 and 1,152 square inches of grilling heaven respectively and feature adjustable height charcoal baskets for precise heat control. Time for an upgrade on the Webber.

Meade LX600 Telescope


If you’re yet to look through a serious telescope then I suggest you add it to your bucket list because it’s fascinating. This particular telescope is beyond compare when it comes to scoping out the stars. The system is able to quickly locate and track celestial targets with amazing and large detail – the perfect activity for a relaxed Sunday evening. 

Samsung Curved TVs


The tag line for Samsung’s new curved TVs is ‘Surround your senses’ and it’s spot on. Sitting in front of one of their curved TVs is an experience like no other. The 4K Ultra HD curved screen fills your peripheral vision making you feel like the picture is almost engulfing you. Unfortunately the price is as immersive as the experience.

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