Tips For Earning Virgin Velocity Status When Booking On Delta

Thought I’d throw a quick piece together on tips for earning Virgin Velocity status when booking on Delta in the USA.

This week I flew from Missoula (MSO) to Newark (EWR – NYC) to spend a few weeks working. After much debate as to whether I should use the opportunity to fly my four yearly segments on AA steel so I could continue to hold Platinum Status, I opted to focus on my Virgin status by earning with Delta.

Flying around the USA is a great way to earn Velocity Status for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are a lot of cities! Sounds simple but if you have some spare time and are flexible, you can add additional segments and also increase your mileage (as outlined in the earning table below). Secondly, there’s a lot of choice, and the majority of smaller cities route through the bigger hubs, where there’s more choice again, which makes it easier to be flexible. Thirdly, there is an additional domestic fare class, which translates to Premium Economy in Australia, and thus more Status Credits to be earned.

Virgin Velocity Status Earning Table

I took some screenshots of the booking process for this article. As you can see below, Delta outlines its fare classes very well, you can even search by a specific fare class or higher if you are inclined to do so. It’s easy to toggle between the Virgin’s Fare Class table and the Delta website to ensure you’re booking the right fare that correlates with the amount of Status Credits you want for the journey.

Tips for Earning Virgin Velocity Status on DeltaInitially I searched for the cheapest fare which gave me the following results.

Tips for Earning Virgin Velocity Status on Delta

I then referenced the Virgin Fare Classes and searched for a Full Fare Economy ticket on Delta using their efficient search tool.

Tips for Earning Virgin Velocity Status on Delta
I got the following results.

Tips for Earning Virgin Velocity Status on Delta

The prices that came back to book a Full Fare ticket were astronomical, yet the Comfort Plus tickets were $300-500US and registered (as you can see via the above table) as Fare Class ‘W’ which translates to Premium Economy.

The cheapest ticket offered was $276US and the fare class put it in the Discount Economy Zone, meaning I’d earn 10SCs from MSO to SLC (0-750 miles) and another 20SCs from SLC to EWR (1500-3000 miles), whilst the Full Fare ticket at $832US would earn me 20 and 40 respectively.

But for an extra $33US over the Saver Fare I could fly Comfort Plus (Premium Economy) boosting my Status Credits earn from 10 to 30 on the first leg to SLC, and from 20 to 60 on the SLC to EWR leg. 60 extra Status Credits for $46 AUD – bonkers. To put that in perspective, you’d need to fly from Melbourne to Sydney Return, four times on a saver fare to earn 80 Status Credits. Now the Comfort Plus tickets are not nearly as flexible as the Full Fare ones but if you’re not worried about sticking to your schedule, it’s a no brainer.

I wanted to make sure the Status Credits earn would play out as I’d expected before publishing this article, and this morning the SCs landed in my account.

Status Credits Virgin

For those planning a trip to the US anytime soon, I’d highly recommend making the most of these Delta Comfort Plus fares while they are so accessible.

Make sure you book the actual ‘W’ fare from the outset, booking a saver and paying for an Upgrade will not change your Fare Class. Upgrading to Comfort Plus from the Main Cabin must also be paid for on each segment you fly, so don’t pay $29.99US and expect to get multiple legs in Comfort Plus – it’ll only get you up the front for the segment you upgraded on. Do your research on First Class fares also, if you are flexible you may find some very affordable tickets which will help you earn even more Status Credits.

For 80,000 Bonus Sign on Virgin Velocity Points, check out the American Express Velocity Platinum Card here.


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