The Three Million Dollar Aston Martin Vulcan

The Geneva Motor Show kicks off next week and car enthusiasts worldwide are already salivating over the three million dollar Aston Martin Vulcan which was revealed this week.

The Vulcan was born, says Aston, out of the company’s motorsport endeavours, and is a limited production, track-only supercar built for ‘extreme performance’. Its carbonfibre chassis will house an outrageous 7.0-litre V12 tuned to deliver in excess of 800 horses to the rear wheels. Designed in-house by chief designer Marek Reichman, the radical Vulcan is set to pave the way for the next generation of Aston Martin road cars.

Priced at 1.5 million pounds or just shy of $3 million AUD (before tax!) it’s not exactly accessible – nor will it be, even if you have the cash to blow. Only 24 Vulcans will be built and they are expected to sell out the day they go on sale.

Whilst a tad pricey ownership does come with its privileges. Aston will provide Vulcan buyers with a track training course that steps them through various levels of performance, from the V12 Vantage S and One-77 street-legal vehicles through to Vantage GT4 race car. Owners will also be given time in professional driving simulators and will be tutored by drivers from the company’s racing team, including Le Mans winner Darren Turner.

Better get some laps done in the practice One-77 before driving the real deal!



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