Three is the Magic Number

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked about Men’s Brazilians at parties. Being the owner of a men’s grooming salon, it’s the question that burns in the psyche of every person who wants an insight into what happens at Mankind.
It’s this image of men’s grooming as a hairless chest or a smooth sack that leaves the greatest impression but what about the less extreme and far more important grooming treatments?
Let’s start at the top.

Eyebrow’s Tidy – No matter where you stand on men’s grooming it is essential. Keep them neat and tidy and have two of them. Get them tidied by a professional and go to someone who specialises in men. Beauty Therapists are taught a set of rules during their training on eyebrows and these rules apply to women.
Ultra-thin is not a good look for any guy. Most men just need them tidied and debulked to have them look even and kempt i.e. long and stray hairs removed and the natural shape of your eyebrows used as a guide line for the shape.

One of the worst things you can do is over trim (keep this in mind next time your barber wants to trim your eyebrows). This makes them look blunt and razor sharp. You want the natural taper of the hair for the right look.

Nose Hair – Trim or wax, just keep them out of sight. Nostril hair isn’t meant to be part of your beard. Therapists can wax the inside of your nose once a month. It means you don’t have to trim every week.

Ear Hair – “The hair on my head has left and returned to my ears” is a common complaint from older guys. Get them waxed, it is so much easier and another little tip: Ask your therapist to use strip wax to get rid of that downy hair that is so hard to remove.

This is the holy trinity of grooming for men. The little pieces which make a huge difference. Remember to tidy them every month. People won’t notice, but that’s the whole point.

Paul Anderson is the owner of Mankind, a men’s grooming salon in Surry Hills.

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