Threadsmiths Liquid-Repelling Shirt

How do you keep your fresh white tee fresh? Well you can start by buying one that doesn’t get dirty.

Melbourne based company Threadsmiths has made a breakthrough in liquid-repelling fabric technology by synthesising a 100% cotton superhydrophobic T-shirt – the first in the world to be available to the public now.

Dubbed “The Cavalier” – the shirt incorporates a nature-inspired nanotechnology that completely repels dirt and liquids, leaving the surface of the fabric dry and without stains. All manner of liquids bead up and completely roll off the surface of the fabric as they are unable to grip to the shirt’s surface. Don’t believe it? Watch the shirt repel Sriracha Hot Chilli sauce in the video below – impressive stuff!

Our Cavalier shirt comfortable and extremely durable, featuring the same lock stitching technique used in wetsuits and scuba gear. It is fully machine and hand-washable, and will retain its hydrophobic properties for up to 80 washes. These hydrophobic properties can be reactivated with a single tumble-dry.

While superhydrophobic technology has previously been synthesised into a spray-on application, these aerosols completely destroy fabrics and have been known to contain carcinogenic chemicals. Threadsmiths’ uses a patented fabric nanotechnology that is free of these carcinogens and is completely safe for wear.

Threadsmiths aims to further expand this technology to all manner of garments, including chefs whites that don’t absorb hot liquids, waterproof golfing wear and blood-repelling surgical scrubs. Threadsmiths’ superhydrophobic t-shirt is now available for purchase through their website and is priced at $65.



James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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