Thorocraft 2013 Spring Collection

You may have noticed a running theme with posts about shoes, that’s because shoes can undeniably make or break an outfit. There’s something special about donning a new pair of shoes that you know look great and although not everyone will notice, those that do will nod in appreciation of your great choice of footwear.

Thorocraft is an LA based company making beautiful handmade shoes at an affordable price point. They explore a range of looks and textures, some I must say go a little beyond that which I’d normally wear, but by in large the collection is full of modern takes on classic shoe styles.

Strong use of floral, camo and nautical prints target the fashion forward and colour conscious gentlemen, while the more reserved and subtle of gents will find their mark with classic treatments of black, grey and brown leathers crafted to perfection with a distinct attention to detail.

In only a short time (4 years) Thorocraft have proved themselves to be a genuine player in the mens shoe market, a market where tradition and longevity often reign over new and interesting. It’s nice to see a relatively new brand turning heads when it comes to mens footwear. Check our their website for your local stockists.

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