The Versatile Gent – Editorial Shoot

Not too long ago The Versatile Gent got together with M.J. Bale, International Watch Co. and Lamborghini to shoot our very first promotional video and editorial series of photographs and today we’re proud to publish them for your viewing pleasure.

When we sat down to put this video together we looked at The Versatile Gent as a theme. We wanted to capture the theme as best we could – as we envisaged who or what The Versatile Gent was. I’ll let the photos do the talking and when the video is ready, it can do the explaining.

We just wanted to say a massive thanks to our photographer Shelby Craig who’s delivered a stunning collection of shots, Drew Hoare and the team at M.J. Bale for supplying every wardrobe item in the shoot, our model – the glorious Nick Boogert, Claire and Edwin at IWC for trusting us with such a phenomenal¬†timepiece,¬†Louise Roxburgh for letting us use her stunning home,¬†Lachlann from Lamborghini for hanging around while we got it right and finally our drinks man Benjamin Smith.

We hope you enjoy these shots and most importantly, hope they get you excited to see the video which won’t be too far away!


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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