The Versatile Gent: 10 Most Popular Articles of All Time

Yesterday I was showing an SEO specialist TVG’s analytics and we pulled up our Content drill down since the website began. We were both amazed at the amount of traffic some of our articles have had. Interestingly, it was also great to find out that a handful of our most useful articles have been some of the best performing. I know not all 21,000 of you have been with us from the start and there’s great articles you may have missed, so I thought I’d compile a list of The Versatile Gent: 10 most popular articles of all time (organic content only!)

10. 5 Worthy Watches Under $500: Our first of three watch articles to feature on this list. Sub $500 is a popular price point. Check out our favourites.


9. Entourage Movie Release Date Confirmed: I knew this was going to get a lot of clicks but it did over 2000 in the first hour on the Facebook page and has over 4,000 shares on the article. It’s clear people are frothing to Vinnie and boys in this film.


8. Bond and Knight Wallet for The Versatile Gent: Once upon a time we collaborated with our friends at Bond and Knight selling a TVG stamped and personally monogrammed wallet.


7. Subaru BRZ STI: The Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 caused quite a stir when they arrived. This article went up within the first month of our website being live. It’s crazy to think it’s still drawing so much traffic.


6. Superb Watch Choices for $1500: We asked our friend Felix to produce a piece outlining three of his favourite watches around the $1500 mark. Readers have been enjoying it for years.


5. The Ring House – Karuizawa Japan: One day we were having a look through analytics and discovered an immense spike in traffic. Turns out this article had been dropped into Reddit and was upvoted thousands of times.


4. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: I fell in love with this car the moment I saw it, incidentally I was also very quick to get my article up about it. Now TVG ranks superbly for the word ‘Ferrari’, mostly due to this article.


3. 11 Quality Shoe Brands You Need to Know: Some time ago I got an email from a representative at Crockett & Jones telling me about a significant amount of traffic coming to them via our website. Then just the other day Christian Kimber said to me ‘Your website has driven so much traffic to my site, I can’t believe it’. When I logged into our analytics and saw that this article had been visited over 31,000 times since July last year I understood why. It’s so good to see that these types of posts which I spent hours and hours compiling are still valued by readers around the world.


2. Jay-Z and Beyonce Eyeing $85 Million Mansion in Beverly Hills: I’ve got to hand this one to KR who sent me the link from New York. I never could have imagined just how popular this was going to be. It’s been on the website for about 7 weeks and has had 4,400 shares on site and over 50,000 page views.


1. Great Men’s Watches Under $1000: A lot of men don’t want to spend $5,000 plus on a watch and I completely understand that. There’s tonnes of garbage on the market under $1000 but there’s also plenty of great buys – granted this list features online prices only (webshops and forums, not boutique) and a number have risen so please forgive me. This article has loaded over 70,000 times, and I hope, has pointed pointed readers in the right direction when looking to buy a watch.


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