The Tequila Buffet by Robert Lock Studios

After discovering there was a world of tequila beyond Jose Cuervo Especial, I was relieved. The yellow liquor was a struggle to get down at the best of times, containing only 51% fermented agave, the rest containing fillers such as grain spirits; a poor excuse for a tequila. However, upon trying a reasonably more expensive bottle of Patrón Añejo, I finally realised how tequila should taste; a rich, oaky flavour with the trademark agave taste. To appreciate the tequila in full light, it can be sipped neat or on the rocks, much alike a quality scotch or whisky, perhaps even accompanied by salt and lime.

For all tequila sampling needs, Robert Lock Studios have designed a Tequila serving tray appropriately named ‘The Tequila Buffet’. The Tequila Buffet is a beautiful serving board with places for your bottle of tequila, shot glasses, salt bowls, small knife, as well any of your other accoutrements. The tray measures 50cm x 15cm and is handcrafted from chestnut wood salvaged from dismantled barns and homes of the southern Appalachians, an area bordered by Alabama and Georgia in the United States. The Tequila Buffet makes for a fantastic and unique gift for any Tequila aficionado.

Available here for approx $100

Image Source: Uncrate

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