The School of Barney Cools – Autumn Collection

It’s a year on since we first wrote about B.Cools and the brand has started to show it’s face everywhere, and for good reason. Their kit is just so damn wearable, and for some reason I have no issue seeing other guys wearing it, you almost feel part of a crew. Gone are the awkward days of rocking up to a party and seeing some other kid wearing the same Ksubi t-shirt you just spent your life savings on, and subsequently feeling like a complete idiot. You see someone wearing Barney Cools, you throw a mental hi-five and go on with your day, satisfied with your choice of t-shirt.

I digress. Don’t let the constant stream of mixtapes and funky photo shoots from the Barney Cools blog fool you, amongst the fun the gents have quietly been working on the latest 2016 collection, The School of Barney Cools, which dropped this week. In the words of Barney Cools themselves, ‘The School of Barney Cools is a collection for every day fellas just like us. Trouble still seems to follow us wherever we go, just because we’re ‘grown up’ doesn’t mean we can’t carry on.” Cool concept and aligns nicely to the aesthetic they’ve built over the last 12 months. The images below are fun mix of afternoon detention x high school nostalgia, and place the brand heavily in the ‘you-can-wear-me-everyday’ category, which I’d argue is a actually a bit of a niche market. Full collection live now on their web store.

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset tvg_the_versatile_gent_Barney Cools_21_0003 tvg_the_versatile_gent_Barney Cools_01_0045 tvg_the_versatile_gent_Barney Cools_02_0020 tvg_the_versatile_gent_Barney Cools_05_0059 tvg_the_versatile_gent_Barney Cools_03_0015 tvg_the_versatile_gent_Barney Cools_15_0010 tvg_the_versatile_gent_Barney Cools_07_0069 Processed with VSCOcam with acg preset tvg_the_versatile_gent_Barney Cools_22_0054




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