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I’m one of those people that once I’ve decided to do something, I want to do it straight away. So it came as quite a shock to me when I visited a bike shop in the city to enquire about a service only to be told there was a three-week wait.¬†After hearing about The Rolling Fix from a friend, and then seeing a photo of them by chance in an afternoon edition of MX magazine I decided to reach out and see what the mobile bicycle mechanics were all about.


Cameron and Tom built their business concept around one main aspect, convenience – they come to you. Not only does this eliminate overhead costs for the boys, that filters down to their prices, it means you don’t have to spend precious weekend time transporting your bike to the nearest bike store and then travelling back to pick it up when it’s eventually ready. In my case it saved me walking my bike from Surry Hills to Paddington and back after I’d had an unsuccessful attempt at doing the work myself.

Booking your bike in for a service is done via The Rolling Fix website where you share some details about your bike, group set and service history so there’s no surprises when the gents turn up. Afterwards you lock in a time and all the hard work on your end is done. Cam and Tom turn up, take your bike and get to work with a basic service taking roughly 45mins.


Cam and Tom ride everyday, they are passionate about cycling and the lifestyle that comes with it. The best thing about them is there’s no pretentiousness and no bicycle discrimination. They chuckled when I apologised for how dirty my bike was, “this is clean compared to what we see”! Cam ran me through the process of tuning my gears and getting the right cable tension before checking my bike’s fit and dropping the handlebars for me. After an hour my bike was 100% ready to hit the road and I hadn’t left my street.


Errands like getting your bike serviced are always pushed down the ‘to do list’ because they’re a hassle. The Rolling Fix is a great service that removes the hassle and fits into your schedule, at your home or your place of work. Cam and Tom are onto a good thing here, and so are you, now that three-week waits are a thing of the past!



James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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