The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor

This is one of those watches that redefines why people are obsessed with watches. This new Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor is an absolute world first and creates a new top shelf at the pinnacle of haute horology. While I can only quote from sources because unfortunately I’m not at SIHH2013 this watch has been a breath taking highlight and why wouldn’t it be, it’s so unbelievable it looks like it’s photoshopped.

What you can see is largely a perfectly symmetrical case housing four diagonally positioned escapements (not tourbillons, which is what I first thought when looking at the watch). These escapements are connected in pairs by a series of differentials. The differentials link the two separate regulating systems with the aim of averaging out errors and making the watch more accurate. If you are lost, don’t worry – this watch is for the geekiest of watch nerds but nevertheless unique and utterly fantastic to behold and that’s why I wanted to put it on the site.

As men we tend to appreciate any phenomenal mechanical achievement and this complication by Roger Dubuis is nothing short of extraordinary and well worthy of your awe. I’m by no means the man to explain it but more than happy to make you aware of the epic feats being achieved in the industry today. The watch is limited to 88 pieces in gold and will retail for 350,000 swiss francs, ($356,000 Aus), if 88 is a bit to common for you there will also be another 3 released with a silicon case (another world first) retailing at an astonishing 2.2 million swiss francs. A momentous watch with a price tag to match.

If you are keen to read more about it. Watchonista has a fantastic and very in-depth article about it here.

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