The Actual Paul Newman Daytona Set to Fetch $1 Million Plus in October

The rise of the popularity of the Paul Newman Daytona in the last 10 years has been quite unbelievable. In the last 5 years alone prices have grown exponentially with collectors paying stupid money to get their hands on the watch that was made famous by Actor/Driven/Philanthropist/Legend Paul Newman.

Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

Yesterday in a wonderful article on Wall Street Journal, Michael Clerizo told a story about the original Paul Newman Daytona and how it came into the possession of James Cox, a young man who without knowing, began dating Newman’s eldest daughter and was gifted the watch by Paul on an average Summer’s day. Cox wore the watch daily before slowly coming to the realisation that he had a very special watch in his possession, eventually agreeing to sell with a percentage of proceeds going to his ex-lovers charity. It really is a great story!

The particular Paul Newman Daytona in question is a Ref. 6239 from 1963, one of roughly 3000 produced. Purchased at Tiffany and engraved with ‘Drive Carefully Me’ by Paul’s wife Joanne Woodward, this watch is perhaps the most sought after collector’s piece to ever go to auction.

Henry Leutwyler for WSJ Magazine

The Paul Newman Daytona will be auctioned on October 26 in New York by Phillips Auction House with bids expected to exceed $1 million and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that figure doubles, or even triples, given the provenance.

Paul Newman Rolex Daytona


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