The Martini and Bourbon Buffet by Robert Lock Studios

A few months ago, Robert Lock Studios produced the Tequila Buffet, a tequila sampling board with places for your bottle, shot glasses and more. Now he has impressed us with the Bourbon Buffet and the Martini Buffet. Much alike the Tequila Buffet, the two are crafted from beautiful oak timber from old barns at the turn of the century.

However you like your bourbon, straight, over ice or with a dash of water, the Bourbon Buffet has what you what, when you want it. The Bourbon Buffet has been finished with a dark stain; to complement the oaky caramel colours of your fine bottle of bourbon. It has also been covered in a thin vanish, to maintain its long life. It comes with two glasses, an ice bowl, tongs and a bottle notch to fit your selection of fine bourbon.

No matter what preference what your martini preference may be, shaken, stirred or dirty, Robert Lock has you covered. The Martini Buffet gives you a perfect presentation and serving apparatus, allowing you to sit back and discuss your preference with your fellow gents. Each Martini Buffet comes with two glasses, two stainless steel toothpicks, a condiment bowl, bar spoon and a mixing vessel, as well as a notch to fit your choice of spirits.

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