The Jack Daniel’s Honey Swarm Series – The Loop, Melbourne

The Melbourne bar scene is diverse and perhaps more developed than Sydney – there’s a deep culture of food and beverage that has the city sitting ahead of the hospitality curve. Sydney is building its repertoire, but for the best in small bars and rooftops you really have to be looking to our southern brothers, who simply love to congregate in high places with their mates.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of Melbourne lie many hidden treasures of open-air goodness; I’ve counted over 40 rooftop bars while researching these articles. That’s a lot of options, but it also shows the strength of the rooftop as a place where patrons are happy to swarm to. There’s also something intrinsically sneaky about being on a rooftop, looking down to folks as they peruse the streets below, unaware that only meters above them exists a haven for drinking and socialising delight. The Loop rooftop off Meyers Place in Melbourne is one of those places, nestled above an existing bar, The Loop becomes a refuge for punters looking for an escape from the streets below .


To get a better idea of the Melbourne rooftop scene we caught up with Tasha Lu, Venue Manager at The Loop, and asked a few questions about why people love to drink there.

How did the idea for The Loop Roof come about?

Loop Roof, framed dramatically against Melbourne’s city skyline, is the sister venue to Loop Project Space and Bar- Ground Floor. We wanted to provide a jungle-type oasis for the busy Melbournians.

Why do people swarm to rooftop bars?

Melbourne is filled with the hustle and bustle of the city CBD, people feel the need to escape to a rooftop away from the ground level noise and appreciate Melbourne’s beautiful skyline. Melbournians spend most of their time indoors so a nice escape to a rooftop were they can relax and enjoy the fresh air and sun or listen to the rain while having a meal and a drink before getting back to the daily grind.

What’s the vibe like at The Loop and how do you draw a crowd?

Loop Roof combines the concept of a cocktail bar/café/restaurant with an open air, rooftop garden oasis. The venue’s funky, eclectic design and Tex-Mex exotic feel, combined with expansive city panoramic views, gives Loop Roof an immediate wow factor.


Who is coming to drink there?

We expect Loop Roof will appeal to a wide demographic- people aged 18 to 80, with clientele likely to be less art fanatical and student orientated than on our Ground Floor. Loop Roof target audience is mature city professionals of all ages, sophisticated young hipsters, hospitality types, tourists, and older discerning punters entranced by the green setting. This demographic can afford to spend good coin on beautifully crafted cocktails.

How would you use JD Honey in a drink?

Best served on ice or in an Old Fashioned for a sweeter sipping style drink or as a classic champagne cocktail.

What’s The Loop got that no one else does?

First, Loop Roof features a botanically curated garden. An environment teeming with creepers, vines, trees, rare and exotic plants, shrubs and cacti displays- our objective is a roof top garden of Eden. Most rooftop settings in Melbourne’s hospitality scene provide a balcony, or terrace with tokenistic pot planting at best. None feature a fully-fledged garden. We believe a big opportunity exists- as we aim to carefully cultivate an unparalleled CBD roof top garden setting. This garden is professionally managed, and continue to grow and evolve organically, changing and developing as each year passes. After 3-5 years, we expect to boast a lush, green overhead canopy and punters to be enveloped by a dense jungle-scape and garden. The garden will be one-of-a-kind.

Second, Loop Roof has been specifically designed to cater for changing weather conditions over Melbourne’s super variable four seasons. A four section retractable awning system protects against extreme sun, wind and rain. An extensive radiant heating installation keeps patrons nesting cozily over colder winter nights. An ingenious misting system keeps temperatures delightfully cool during the peak of summer.


And here’s the TVG guide to making the most of your time at The Loop.

When to go: Perfect spot for a mid-week date with a loved one (or potential loved one) – grab a small table and explore the great drinks menu line by line. Weekends get busier and provide a perfect backdrop to a few sundowners amongst a hip crowd.

What to wear: Melbourne has its own style, as such anything really goes. For daytime drinking we’d be wearing a Venroy linen shirt with blue shorts and a pair a pair of tan penny loafers, matched of course with your best set of frames.

Who to bring: – It’s the perfect place to take out of towners for a true Melbourne drinking experience. They’ll feel like they’ve been snuck into a secret oasis, surrounded by chilled out music and a welcoming crowd.

How much to bring: A few cocktails for you your date will set you back about $100.

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