The Happy Sailors Barbershop Redfern

I was sitting in the chair with Nathan at The Happy Sailors Barbershop in Redfern last week and thought to myself, ‘when did this trend explode?’ Barbershops have returned to their glory days in a huge way in Sydney and they’re not in competition with each other either – they just keep fuelling the trend, making the market bigger and bigger, they’re all full, all the time and The Happy Sailors Barbershop is no different.┬áNathan cuts hair from 8am-7pm Monday through Saturday. A haircut costs $40 and he’s doing a couple an hour, 6 days a week – you do the maths.

The Happy Sailors Barbershop is located on leafy Bourke St between Cleveland St and the Danks Street shops. It’s a lovely little space covered in paraphernalia Nathan has collected over the many years he’d been planning to open his own Barbershop. I find the shop (and the street) very peaceful which is most likely attributed to the healthy amount of afternoon sun beaming through the front windows as you sit and have your hair cut. The walls are covered in classic examples of 70’s hairstyles and sailors tattoos which also adorn Nathan’s arms that he got before Sailor Jerry was a ‘thing’.

Like all great Barbers Nathan delivers some A-grade chat and a very solid haircut. The service is pretty unbeatable for $40, cut, wash, bit of banter, some 1940’s jazz and there’s always a park out the front, but be warned – showing up without a booking is not an option. If you are desperate (and flexible) give him a call in the morning and let him know and he’ll do his very best to get you in if someone cancels!

The Happy Sailors Barbershop
748 Bourke St Redfern
9690 1452

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