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If you pop over to any of the top hotel booking websites and type in Singapore, then sort by ‘Top Rated’ there’s a good chance you’ll find The Forest By Wangz in top spot. It’s ranked number one of 299 on Trip Advisor and 98% on Expedia, and after this month’s visit it’s easy to see why.

With just 38 apartments, including 22 studios, 12 one bedroom rooms and 4 larger one bedroom premier rooms, the serviced apartment block falls into the boutique category, with a focus on exemplary service. The unique building features a facade inspired by the sculptural forms of the tropical rainforest. Inside the common areas and guest rooms are specially commissioned artworks from local artists aimed at bringing the forest theme to life. It’s a playful touch that adds a certain homeliness to the building, which is the exact environment they aimed to create for guests staying weeks or months at a time.

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Located on Moulmein Road in a historic residential area outside the centre of the city, the residence is quiet and convenient, only a short stroll to Velocity shopping centre at Novena Square and Novena MRT station and easy access to Orchard Road. I caught up with a friend the first night I was there and he was surprised at the location, ‘quite far out’, he said. People who live in Singapore are used to having everything at their doorstep, I think they get a little jaded by it. To put it in perspective, a 10-15 min cab from the property into Clarke or Collyer Quay will set you back about $12AUD, not a big concern when you’re used to shelling out $35 for an equivalent ride in Sydney. What The Forest By Wangz caters for is longer stays and that’s why it’s positioned where it is, where guests can unwind in a home away from home environment, away from the bustling city centre.

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Each of the apartments has a slightly different layout depending on their location in the building. All feature very well appointed kitchenettes that include a full size fridge, stove and oven. My one bedder had a huge balcony which opened off the separate sitting area complete with TV and home theatre system. The bathroom is finished in dark marble while the bedrooms harness the most of the Singapore sun, finished in light wallpapers, contemporary fabrics and unique fittings and artworks. The One-bedroom Premier apartment includes an enclosed private balcony with stunning sky bath overlooking looking out to Marina Bay and beyond. What I really enjoyed where the communal areas. The roof top is epic, boasting a 360 degree view of the city from lounge settings on either side of the building. Residents head to the rooftop for evening drinks where they can entertain small groups of guests before heading out to dinner.

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Complimentary daily breakfast is served in the Resident’s lounge offering continental made to order dishes from the very friendly chef. The Resident’s lounge is a real highlight, its got a lovely vibe about it. I spent an afternoon working in there and was energised and inspired while looking out onto the pool area. A staff member walked in at one point and presented me with a sandwich as I hadn’t attended breakfast and she thought I might be hungry – I was very impressed!

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I had a really peaceful stay at The Forest By Wangz and I think they’ve created a really interesting product which is quite far away from a traditional hotel. Of course you still benefit from usual daily hotel in-room services, but the residence feels unique, you feel like a regular when you stay, dining with the same small group at breakfast and being attended to by the same smiling staff. If you’re planning on spending a week or more in Singapore I couldn’t recommend The Forest By Wangz enough. If you’re only in town for a couple of nights, they’ve also got The Wangz Hotel, which is where we’ll be staying on our next trip!

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