The Cloakroom and Reds Rugby 2014

Brisbane tailors The Cloakroom celebrate another season dressing the St George Queensland Reds in what must be the greatest menswear collaboration in Australian sport (and apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so).



The Cloakroom have been the official off field tailor for the Reds since 2012 and this year continue their impeccable offering by delivering tailored suits complete with custom monogrammed ties, jacket pockets and collars. Every player and member of the coaching staff is individually measured and a suit is made from scratch, ensuring a perfect fit. The 2014 team suit is made using fabric from the world renowned mill, Dormeuil.



Interestingly this year’s tie comes in four variations. The first tie is worn by uncapped players and features the QLD Rugby crest alone. The second level tie includes a red stripe, acknowledging that a player has represented Queensland. Players who have achieved 50 caps are rewarded with the addition of a maroon stripe. Those that have achieved 100 caps are rewarded with a prestigious gold stripe alongside their red and maroon stripes. The Cloakroom have also provided the team with a more casual look pairing the suit with an open navy shirt.


At the official launch of the 2014 partnership to which we unfortunately couldn’t attend, Quade Cooper spoke to the media about the relationship with The Cloakroom and the hierarchy associated with the 2014 ties, giving the players something to strive for that represents their achievement, which I think is a really nice touch!


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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